NAME: Reiko Sorello aka Shala
Age: 20
DOA: 4/12/03
Type: Volks Super Dollfie Standard Megu New-Make
Customizations: ear piercings, finger separation, custom faceup, body sueding and parting-line removal.
Personality: Shala is a quiet, skeptical girl who finds joy in simple things. While finding it hard to express her feelings adequately, she loves her friends dearly, and tends to have a dry sense of humor. Shala is the guitarist for Osaka-based band, Blue Tuesday.

NAME: Nakamura Kei aka Kali
Age: 21
DOA: 2/26/04
Type: Volks Full Choice SD13 boy F-29 Beauty White
Customizations: ear piercing, custom faceup
Personality: Kali is bundle of trouble. He likes to flirt with both boys and girls, but his heart belongs to Shala. Doesn't keep him from looking though. Though a troublemaker, he is a sweetheart and loves hugs and kisses, and sometimes feels insecure. Kali is the vocalist and lead guitarist for Blue Tuesday.

NAME: Tendo Akane
Age: 16
DOA: 1/18/2005
Type: Araki Gentarou U-Noa Sist kit
Customizations: seams sanded, custom faceup
Personality: Our little girl has no real memory of her life before she came to us. We'll just have to wait until something (or someone) breaks through to her. True to her namesake, Akane is short tempered and easily becomes jealous. But in our home, she has no worries of two-timing fiancees or maniac suitors breaking her door down. Unfortunately, she has also taken on a somewhat melancholy temperment when left on her own. Kali is incredibly protective of her, perhaps due to losing his own little sister long ago. She is engaged to Ranma.

NAME: Kitazawa Reiichirou aka Rei
Age: 25
DOA: 10/18/2005
Type: Dollshe Hound v2 White Skin
Customizations: custom faceup
Personality: The resident primadonna, Rei is an ever-changing chameleon of fashion and tastes. His one constant is his outlook on life -- living life for the moment, with no regrets. He can be cruel and arrogant, but he tries not to hurt people too much. He tends to favor chinese and japanese inspired gothic outfits, and considers himself a rocker onnagata. Rei is the bassist for Blue Tuesday.

NAME: Saotome Ranma
Age: 16
DOA: 1/04/2006
Type: Araki Gentarou U-Noa L-bi kit
Customizations: seams sanded, custom faceup
Personality: Here's Ranma! After a long year, our favorite martial artist has arrived -- and Akane couldn't be happier! As he no longer has to compete for Akane's affections -- or hide his own from jealous fiancees -- Ranma is quite happy to show his feelings for Akane to all. Unfortunately, he still has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. Ranma no baka!

NAME: Hellwyn Tomas aka Wynn
Age: 8
DOA: 4/03/06
Type: Volks Mini Super Dollfie Hewitt 2
Customizations: hand replacement with limited MSD Sweet Dreams Mika
Personality: Wynn is my special little boy, he just appeared one day on my birthday. He's sort of fae, preferring to project his feelings to actual speaking. Wynn is our sweet little fluff muffin, loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is named after my late grandmother, Helyn.

NAME: Amadeo diCarnivale aka Armand
Age: unknown
DOA: 08/22/2006 ~ 10/29/2006
Type: Cerebus Project BW Breakaway Vampire head & body
Customizations: none
Personality: Armand is our snarky loner gothic urchin. Completely oblivious of the effect he has on those around him, he is alternately sarcastic and wistful. He seems to have a close bond with our other resident vampire, Siphael, but their connection is still a mystery. This is his second incarnation, Armand was gradually reborn into this slightly more aristocratic vamp.

NAME: Kitazawa Masako aka "TK" The Kitazawa
Age: 29
DOA: 9/15/2006
Type: Rainman Elfdoll Sooah
Customizations: custom faceup, hand replacement with CP hands
Personality: Don't call her Masako EVER, this fiery lady will kick your behind into the middle of next week! THE Kitazawa is a famous doujinshi-ka, fashion magazine editor, and role model to trendy high school girls throughout Japan. She's also the oldest sister of the Kitazawa family, and the only person that Rei treats with respect. Actually, it's fear - TK is the only one that can reign in the youngest, and most spoiled, Kitazawa.

NAME: Majouneko Keiichi aka Katie
Age: unknown, probably around 3 or 4
DOA: 10/7/2006
Type: Volks Yo Super Dollfie Chinatsu
Customizations: none
Personality: Katie is our little cherub, the smallest of the lot. She came on the coattails of our darling ga~ki, but he says he doesn't know her, just felt sorry for the mysterious little urchin. We're not sure where she came from, but we're more than happy to have her, as most of the clan find her adorable, if not adorable mischevious. My little homage to Katy the Kitty Witch from Unico.

NAME: Kawashita Kenji aka ga~ki
Age: 23
DOA: 10/7/2006
Type: Iplehouse White Louis
Customizations: custom faceup, minimal body blushing, ear piercing
Personality: ga~ki was the first one to come, the first to run away, and the last to come home after 3 years on the run, His demeanor is still the same mixture of sweet and sad, but with a bit of steel behind it. No one knows how he spent the last 3 years, and he seems reluctant to discuss his absence, or the child he brought with him, but I have a feeling Rei will coax it out of him soon enough - they have a lot to talk about.
1/6 Dolls

NAME: Ambrose
Age: unknown
DOA: 7/19/03
Type: Handmade by Batchix
Customizations: Well, he kinda *is* all custom. ^^;
Personality: Ambrose likes to hang out by the window and look at the trees change color. We think he's an elf or fae of some sort, but he merely smiles and looks away when we ask him. He's pretty solitary, but he seems to like it that way.

NAME: Artemis Entreri
Age: late 30's
DOA: 12/9/03
Type: Mattel Flavas boy
Customizations: by Batchix, facial repaint and hair rooting, full costume.
Personality: Entreri is a nod to being a fangirl. He is the dark mercenary/assasin sent to kill Regis in Icewind Dale, and yet somehow winded up in Japan. I decided to bring him home with me. Like Ambrose, he likes to keep to himself, as he is rather secretive and aloof. However, I have caught him at times sneaking a word or two with Subaru-kun when he thought I wasn't looking.

NAME: Siphael diCaravaeus aka Siph (pronounced "sith")
Age: 400+
DOA: 8/10/03
Type: Volks Neo Guy "Goh" Fresh Skin
Customizations: faceup and hair by me
Personality: Siph is a vampire, and therefore he feels a certain kinship to his bigger relative Armand. They might even be the same age and somehow know each other, were it not for Siph's amnesia. He is desperately in love with a particular human bloodline and has feasted upon their blood for generations. The latest incarnation is the lovely Callista, who will be joining us soon.

NAME: Sumeragi Subaru-kun
Age: 21
DOA: 12/15/03
Type: Volks NeoEB N-type with C-head
Customizations: faceup and hair by me
Personality: This Subaru is closer to Clamp's character than the younger Subaru. He is blind in his right eye, and tends to clam up if someone is concerned about him. His occupation makes him appealing to other members of the household. He wisely distances himself from his younger counterpart, instead preferring the company of Entreri and Siphael.

NAME: GAKI!! (v.3)
Age: either 420 or 28, but looks about 13. :X
DOA: 4/12/01 (v.1) current version 8/10/04
Type: Volks NeoEB C-type in Snow skin, A-head
Customizations: hair reroot by batchix, faceup by me
Personality: Gaki, if you haven't noticed, is one half of my personal mascots. Gaki is the spunky, chipper, obsessively happy one who likes to be naked and pop out of things when you least expect it. He has been through many changes during his stay here, but he seems happy enough with his Sefi around. :3 He was originally based on Camui Gackt (the famous singer), but quickly degenerated from there.
NAME: SEFI!! (v.2)
Age: 29
DOA: 4/12/01 (v.1) current version 7/28/03
Type: Volks Neo Guy "Goh" with Neo Guy head
Customizations: shaved neck to fit Goh body, faceup by me
Personality: Sefi is the other half of my personal mascots. He's been with me the longest out of all of my characters, and I have a special place for him in my heart. Despite his sketchy past as Legendary Soldier Sephiroth, Sefi is now quite at home with a bunch of crazy people. If you listen closely, you can often hear him chuckle when Gaki amuses him, although he'll deny doing so later.