About my dolls:

Most of the dolls on my site are made by asian companies. These companies include Volks and Alchemic Labo of Japan and Cerebus Project, Dollshe Craft, and AngelRegion of South Korea. These dolls are 1/3 in scale - or around 24 inches in height - and are highly customizable. Volks was the first company in East Asia to produce these somewhat stylized ball-jointed dolls, with other Japanese and East Asian countries following suit. The material is a highly durable poly-urethane resin similar to that found in high quality resin model kits.

You can purchase these dolls fully assembled, with a pre-painted face. Some limited editions come with detailed clothing and accessories. Volks currently offers what they call "Full Choice System," allowing the future doll owner to completely design their doll, right down to the pose of their hands and the color of their eyelashes. Other dolls come as kits, allowing the owner to have complete control over how their doll turns out. All of these dolls incorporate a fully jointed body held together with sturdy elastic "string," and can be placed in a number of poses.

Most asian BJD owners refer to their dolls with some terms of endearment. I personally switch between "podlings" and "kidlings" while other owners refer to them as angels or children. Even if two dolls are technically the same -- the same headmold from the same company, etc -- each doll tends to harbor a unique personality, and can become very important to its owner. Indeed, these dolls are very much loved by the people that take care of them.

The other dolls on my site include Volks 1/6th dolls that I have customized by painting their faces and cutting their hair, as well as various anime toys I've collected over the years. A final special doll is Ambrose, who was made by my best friend, Batchix. ^_^

For more information and places to find these dolls, please look in my links. Enjoy my site!